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Introducing "Ice" - an enchanting lip gloss that encapsulates the essence of summer in a crystal-clear shine. Picture a chilled slice of watermelon on a hot day, captured in a tube, ready to adorn your lips with its refreshing allure.

The base of this delightful gloss is a vegan-friendly concoction, blending luscious coconut oil known for its hydrating properties, alongside a specialized gloss base that glides effortlessly, embracing your lips in a comforting, nourishing embrace. Infused with the goodness of vitamin E oil, it not only keeps your pout looking plump and dewy but also ensures your lips stay supple and soft.

Now, let's talk about that irresistible watermelon scent and flavor - the essence of sweet, juicy melon that instantly transports you to a sunny orchard. With every application, a burst of this delightful aroma lingers, making your lips taste as enticing as they look.

But the magic doesn't stop there. Iridescent glitter dances within the gloss, creating a mesmerizing shimmer reminiscent of sunlight bouncing off icy watermelon slices. The iridescence adds a playful dimension, reflecting different hues depending on the angle and light, making your lips the center of attention in any setting.

Imagine gliding on this gloss; the clear texture effortlessly enhancing your natural beauty with a touch of sparkle, evoking the carefree joys of summertime. It's the perfect accessory, whether you're chilling by the beach or heading out for a night of fun.

"Ice" isn't just a lip gloss; it's a sensation, an experience that invites you to indulge in the refreshing, delicious vibes of summer all year round.


  1. Coconut Oil: Known for its moisturizing properties, coconut oil nourishes and hydrates the lips, leaving them soft and supple.
  2. Vegan Gloss Base: A specialized base that provides a smooth, non-sticky texture, ensuring the gloss glides effortlessly onto the lips for a comfortable wear.
  3. Vitamin E Oil: Offers antioxidant benefits, keeping the lips healthy and preventing dryness, while also providing a plump appearance.
  4. Watermelon Scent & Flavor: Captures the essence of sweet, juicy watermelon, giving the gloss a delightful aroma and taste.
  5. Iridescent Glitter: Adds a playful shimmer to the gloss, reflecting light in various hues, creating a mesmerizing, eye-catching effect.                                                                                                                                                                                         

    Directions for Application:

    1. Prep Your Lips: Ensure your lips are clean and dry before application. You may gently exfoliate with a lip scrub to remove any dry skin for a smoother finish.

    2. Twist Open: Unscrew the cap of the "Ice" lip gloss tube.

    3. Retrieve Product: Carefully pull out the applicator wand from the tube. The wand will likely have a soft, flexible tip designed for easy and precise application.

    4. Apply to Lips: Starting from the center of your bottom lip, glide the applicator along the natural contour, moving towards the corners. Repeat the same motion on your upper lip. Use a thin layer for a subtle shimmer or layer for a more intense sparkle effect.

    5. Smack Lips Together: Gently press your lips together to evenly distribute the gloss and ensure full coverage.

    6. Blot Excess (Optional): If you prefer a lighter application, lightly press your lips against a tissue to remove any excess gloss.

    7. Admire Your Shine: Enjoy the captivating shine and shimmer of "Ice" on your lips!

    8. Reapply as Desired: For maintained glossiness and hydration, reapply as needed throughout the day.

    Remember, the "Ice" lip gloss not only adds a beautiful shine but also nourishes your lips, thanks to its blend of coconut oil, vitamin E, and the hydrating gloss base. Have fun flaunting your shimmering, watermelon-scented lips!